Nonprofit Draft Day

The 2022 Nonprofit Draft Day connected 8 “free agents” with 8 “scouts”! You could be drafted!

What: This event is modeled after a professional sports draft and aspires to connect prospective board members (free agents) with interested nonprofits (scouts). This is a hassle-free and fun opportunity for nonprofits to reach talented local board member prospects in a safe and productive environment.

When: April of 2023

Where: TBD

Time: TBD *Need to be present for full 2-hour event*

30 minutes: Check-in for Free Agents; Tabling with Scouts

20 minutes: Get to Know your Nonprofits (scouts)

30 minutes: Final Tabling with Scouts

20 minutes: Better Board, Better You 

15 minutes: Draft Announcements & Photos

Event Information (2021): Check it out on Facebook!

Contact Info: Anna Clementi, 262.634.1931

If you are an interested nonprofit wishing to participate as a scout, you can get on a waitlist at this time. Please send your contact information to